What is Solid Surface

What is Solid Surface?

Solid surface is a non-porous, renewable, low-maintenance countertop surface with a one-of-a-kind look that has a luxurious and elegant appearance. It’s a man-made product, that has the ability to mimic the appearance of stone, wood and other natural materials, yet it can be joined together nearly invisibly by our trained craftsmen.

Customarily manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops, solid surface can also be cast into a variety of shapes, including sinks, shower pans and even bathtubs exclusively offered by SOLID SURFACE COMPANY.

Our specialized sheets can also be heated and bent into three-dimensional shapes using a process called thermoforming, which greatly adds to the flexibility and versatility of the finished product that you’ll just call amazing.

In upper-end home and residential setting, solid surface can be used with amazing results as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops as well as shower and tub surrounds for durability with an interesting choice of custom colors and designs.

Countertop professionals, called “fabricators,” typically seam solid surface sheets with unique colors and one-of-a-kind patterns into desired shapes using a two-part adhesive, after which the cured joint is smoothly machined perfectly flat. The same technology is then used to create extra thick edges, which can be machined using similar tools and techniques as those used to work with hardwood.

Solid Surfaces are used in the following environment:

  • Kitchen/Bathroom: upper-end home kitchen worktops with integrated sinks, countertops, vanities, and bathtubs etc.
  • Hospitality/Catering: bars, tables, and office interior reception desks etc.
  • Shop Fitting: displays, counters, and wall claddings
  • Airports: check-in counters, reception desks, and interior office,
  • Public buildings: displays in museums, facades, meeting tables etc.
  • Hospitals: laboratory countertops, decontamination sinks, seamless, a hygienic and nearly indestructible work surface.

A major appeal of solid surface is its seamless nature. Solid surface sinks can be joined to the countertop surface with no gaps, which eliminates areas for water to collect and bacteria to grow. Integral backsplashes can also be created that follow the contours of the wall “seamlessly” and without gaps that looks stunning.

If the material become scratched or broken, solid surface can, in most cases, be repaired quickly by a trained fabricator to make the product look and perform “good as new.” Most manufactures offer a minimum 10-year installed warranty, but The Solid Surface Company guarantees their products forever.

Because solid surface is solid throughout, a countertop that has undergone years of wear and tear can be refinished to look as fresh and clean as the day it was installed. The installed product is available in a variety of finishes, ranging from matte to high-gloss, although most manufacturers recommend a matte or satin finish for ease of maintenance.

The heart of Solid Surface is bundle of properties that makes it a unique product: its performance characteristics. Some performance characteristics that all Solid Surfaces share are:

  • It’s Solid: Solid Surface products are homogeneous and our colors and patterns are absolutely consistent throughout. They can give the appearance of cultured marble or laminated products such as wood or plastic laminate and others, but without knots or grains.
  • It’s machinable: Solid Surface products are completely machinable. We have the right tools and skilled professional staff to machine our solid surfaces perfectly. This is what gives Solid Surface much of its magic. The skill in its workmanship is tied into an ancient tradition – woodworking, cabinetry, joinery – that remains fresh and vital. Craftsmanship and the skill of the artisan remain an integral part of Solid Surface Company.
  • It’s non-porous: Speaking chemically and technically, nothing is 100% non-porous. But Solid Surface is extremely close, it is unaffected by water and changes in humidity. This quality makes it very suitable for use in hospitals, maternities, home kitchens since there is no chance of bacteria development inside the surface it’s hygienic and nearly indestructible surface to work on.
  • It’s stain and chemical-resistant: Most household staining agents and chemicals and even some industrial chemicals will not damage its one-of-a-kind look.
  • It’s fire – resistant: Solid Surface class III fire resistant or fire retardant.
  • It endures: Solid Surface, unless purposely severely damaged, should remain unchanged – for how long? Theoretically, based on what we know about the chemistry of the material components a hundred of years is not far fetched. The oldest Corian installations of 29-30 years certainly seem to support this conclusion.
  • It is esthetically pleasing: It has beauty, look and “feel”. It is decorative surface, made to be seen and touch with a one-of-a-kind look that has a luxurious and elegant appearance.

Everyone interested in a versatile, durable and renewable countertop product should consider Solid Surface as a viable decorative surfacing alternative nature material has luxurious and elegant appearance. It is priced competitively to natural stone or quartz surfacing, is available in virtually any choice of custom colors, and designs.

The material can be formed to practically any three-dimensional shape, which makes it particularly appealing to commercial and industrial designers. Because the industry is 40-plus years old, there exists a worldwide network of qualified fabricators that possess the skills and knowledge necessary to provide expert advice and customer service. It is a low-maintenance surface that does not harbor bacteria, and performs exceptionally well in high-use and/or constantly wet environments; seamless, hygienic, and nearly indestructible work surface.

Solid Surface Company is equipped with the finest modern machines and has highly qualified professionals that are skilled from design to fabrication to instillation.

The colorful palette of Solid Surface Company fits different life style over the world. It is in nature marble appearance and can be joined together seamlessly with special-made glue. It is bright as ceramics, but can be cut, routed, drilled, bent or worked with like a fine wood.

As a new decoration material Solid Surfaces can be used in fabrication of Countertop, inlay and vanity top in residential or commercial place, such as Homes, Banks, Hotels, Hospitality, Catering, Offices, Airports, Hospitals and Public buildings.