Our mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality product and services to our clients, observing our honored ethical standard with a commitment to integrity, while working to be a leading UAE Company; for market we serve.

  • Solid Surface Company is committed in providing customer satisfaction, quality and after sales service. Our staff is composed of experienced and dedicated people as well as technical experts with the scientific know-how in providing customer support and problem solving skills.
  • Solid Surface Company main objective is to create new products based on our customers need and develop new uses for our existing products. By constantly finding new ways to create sustainable solutions and broaden our commitment to address customer needs we have a one-of-a-kind approach to providing luxurious and elegance.
  • Solid Surface Company plans exciting growth potential and sustainable growth through the productivity and quality improvements of our products innovation. By making continuous improvements with industry advancement and modernization Solid Surface Company will strengthen supply-chain capability while delivering on-time delivery of our products, services and quality to our customers’ every-time we serve you.Our objective is to offer Solid Surface products that can be fabricated and worked with much like wood and to keep the beauty and durability of the finest natural marble and stone.We offer the products that can be fashioned into magnificent creations for both residential as well as commercial applications. To apply technological and fabricating advances to create unlimited designs incorporating the mixture of different colors and patterns to complement any project. Our goal is to achieve “safety and health, to highest ethical behavior and respect for people and the environment”. Solid Surface materials combine two main ingredients: a natural mineral (the Filler) and resin (the Binder), along with various additives. These are combined and then casted in a curing process that results in a sheet or shape. Solid Surface is manufactured by mixing PMMA (Acrylic) with Stone (Bauxite) and pigments.
  • Then, a chemical cure is operated, bringing the material to 60°C. The material is then cut in sheets and sanded on one or both sides depending on the brand used.An additional step can be sometimes done: HI-MACS is also operating a thermal cure, bringing the material to 160°C and therefore improving the heat resistance.Acrylic-modified polyester solid surface can be mixed one sheet at a time using different formulations, affects and appearances.As earlier explained the product consists of filler, Resin and some other additive. We proudly present our selves as the manufacturer of Solid surface, i.e. we actually manufacture solid surface from its basic technology. We import our own fillers from the USA for producing fine quality. This gives us
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    an advantage for further improved colors and quality according to the requirement of GCC countries. Production of Solid Surface is a technical and knowledge base effort which can give results only with right kind of material, proper equipment and best technical hands.While pouring this material on quality molds it gives our production team a confidence and ease in the working environment. It is worth mentioning that along with these quality molds we have the facility of making our own fiber molds for any custom design.Fabricating the Solid Surface is an art based on the experience and expertise of our company. Our expert and skilled team of fabricators; many have more than fifteen years in the field.