How to Measure

Although your countertop will be professionally measured before we fabricate it, the steps below will help us generate an accurate quote for your countertop.

How to measure for a quote:

  • Draw the basic Shapes of your tops.
  • Mark Sink location and Stove location. Please indicate the type of stove (cooktop, free standing range, Slide in range, etc.)
  • Mark with an (X) all finished edges. And an (S) for backsplash.
  • Mark any special cuts (rounded, or clipped corners, etc.)
  • Measure the length of each top along the back wall
  • Measure the width of each section of top.
  • We do not need exact measurements for cooktop and sink at this time.

Below is an example with the final product:

Final product

For large commercial projects, please e-mail your AutoCAD drawing to and we will prepare you a price quote. If you have any questions feel free to call or e-mail us and one of our salesperson will gladly help you with your project. We appreciate the opportunity!