1. Can I put hot pans on the countertop?

While solid surface material does resist heat, we do not recommend setting a hot pan on your new countertop! Hot pans should never be placed on any surface without a trivet or heat pad. We can provide you with trivets that take heat up to 375 degrees.

2. Can I cut directly on my solid surface countertop?

Cutting on a countertop can scratch the countertop and ruin your knife. All cutting should be done on a proper cutting board. We have solid surface cutting boards available for our customers.

3. Does solid surface material stain?

Solid surface is nonporous and impenetrable for deep, lasting stains. Any surface stains will wash away easily with soap and water.

4. How should I clean my solid surface countertop and/or shower?

Regular soap and water or glass cleaner are ideal for cleaning solid surface countertops and showers. Use a non-abrasive cleaner for stubborn or dried spills.

5. There’s a scratch in my countertop! What should I do?

You can buff away minor scratches and burns with a Scotch-Brite sponge, or you can have serious damage repaired by a certified installer.

6. Why are solid surface products a good value?

They provide an unmatched combination of beauty, durability, and long-term performance for unbeatable value in any kitchen or bathroom. With low maintenance and the solid construction needed to handle daily use, these countertops are the top of the line, providing you functionality for years to come.

7. How long will it take to have my countertop or shower installed?

From the time we are able to measure your cabinets, it usually takes one to three weeks to measure, fabricate, and install your countertop or shower.

8. How do I maintain my surface?

Maintain your surface by using soapy water or any ammonia-based cleaner to wipe it clean, then rinse and dry. You will be able to maintain the surface of your countertops for many years. It is important to refer to your Care and Maintenance instructions for full details on how to care for your countertops.

9. Will my new countertop material have a warranty?

Solid Surface Company is  manufacturer  and we provide warranty on all our products. Proper maintenance and care of your countertops or shower will have them looking like new for years.